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Histrio-mastix : the players scourge, or, Actors tragaedie : divided into two parts : wherein it is largely evidenced, by divers arguments by the concurring authorities and resolutions of sundry texts of Scripture, of the whole primitive church, both under the law and Gospell, of the 55 synodes and councels, of the 71 fathers and Christian writers before the yeare of our Lord 1200, of above 150 foraigne and domestique protestant and popish authors since, of 40 heathen philosophers, historians, poets : of many heathen, many Christian nations, republiques, emperors, princes, magistrates, of sundry apostolicall, canonicall, imperiall constitutions, and of our owne English statutes, magistrates, universities, writers, preachers : that popular stage-playes (the very pompes of the divell which we renounce in baptisme, if we beleeve the fathers) are sinfull, heathenish, lewde, ungodly spectacles, and most pernicious corruptions : condemned in all ages as intolerable mischiefes to churches, to republickes, to the manners, mindes, and soules of men : and that the profession of play-poets, of stage players, together with the penning, acting, and frequenting of stage-playes, are unlawfull, infamous and misbeseeming Christians : all pretences to the contrary are here likewise fully answered, and the unlawfulnes of acting, of beholding academical enterludes briefly discussed, besides sundry other particulars concerning dancing, dicing, health-drinking, &c. of which the table will informe you